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 I’ll be updating regularly here to share what’s happening as this author marches toward her next pub date—June 4, 2019—for THE SUMMER WE LOST HER. The novel couldn’t come out at a more perfect time, as the story itself starts in June of 2015 and is the sort of book you want to read lying on a dock with your toes dangling into cool, clear lake water, cicadas buzzing from the treetops behind you.

If you’ve ever visited Lake Placid, NY, you’ll likely have seen many of the settings in the novel. First, there’s the storied Lake Placid Lodge. I was lucky enough to stay in one of the lakefront cabins a few years ago and knew I HAD to set a novel against this magnificent backdrop. The Sorenson family cabin is not part of the resort, but was inspired by the LPL cabin I stayed in—right down to the antler table lamp and massive stone fireplace.

It was important for me to anchor the scenes in real life Lake Placid hot spots, because they’re just so evocative. In the book, Matt Sorenson and his childhood sweetheart, the seductive Cass Urquhart, have a heart-to-heart at the apex of the K120 jump at the Olympic Jumping Complex—a fascinating site (and sight!) in the summer you can get to by climbing many, many steps. There are a few scenes at the North Elba Showgrounds—home of the famed Lake Placid Horse Show, at a fictional version of the beautiful bookstore in town, and historical John Brown farm.

Lake Placid Lodge inspiration.


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