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Last Thursday in September 2005 – Town House goes out in manuscript form to New York editors on a Thursday morning. Unpublished Little Tishie (ULT) has secretly been thinking this seems a bit like a movie to me but knows better than to utter such amateurish words to her agent. And so she waits.

Friday comes and goes, taking with it all of ULT’s confidence in her work.

Saturday brings tears.

Sunday brings absolute certainty she is in the wrong business and a plan to fill out an application at the Gap the next morning.

Monday morning, just as she is dressing for her retail debut, her agent calls to say a whole slew of studios have the manuscript and that the president of Fox 2000 is reading presently. Not only that, but she’s been assigned a film agent to handle the interest. ULT is shocked. Later that night ULT will wake up to a massive panic attack as she in unsure what has just happened to her tightly held ULT status. The next three days are completely silent and Tish holds a friend hostage to keep her calm during the wait.

Thursday brings a preemptive offer from Fox 2000 with Ridley Scott’s Scott Free producing. Hostage is released unharmed.

February 2006 – the Fox contract finally arrives and is thick enough to use as a stepstool to allow Tish to finally dust atop the refrigerator, should she be so inclined. The mere sight of such a mass quantity of words like heretofore make Tish qualmish, but her lawyer husband gets happy stars in his eyes when told he can read it.

Pulitzer Prize winner Doug Wright is hired to adapt for film and flies to Hollywood to “take a meeting.”

Tish is told Mr. Wright has her number. Tish begins a year-long wait by the phone. No one calls but telemarketers.

Winter 2007 – John Carney wins the Sundance Audience award for his gem of a film, ONCE. Studio heads swoop in to woo him. He made ONCE for $150,000 with a hand held camera in three weeks—what could this man do with a budget?

May 2007 – Town House is launched with the help of Rex Pickett (Sideways) from the famed Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Tish meets her film agent for the first time, as well as the producer of the Town House movie, Michael Costigan (Brokeback Mountain) and an executive at Fox 2000, Maria Faillace. This is a big moment for UTL. She hasn’t slept in about sixteen days, has a fever and a cough and LA is experiencing record-breaking heat. Not only that but her new silk pants have some sort of protective sizing that smells like whale blubber and she’s certain people can smell it. Her publicist feeds her two giant martinis prior to her reading and Tish toddles to the podium where she will, in her present stupor, mispronounce a word from her very own book. She prays people will chalk it up to her Canadian accent.

July 2007 – Elizabeth Gabler from Fox 2000 signs John Carney on to direct Town House as his first studio film.

August 2007 – Tish sees John Carney’s film and weeps, knowing this brilliant man will be directing characters she created. Other theater-goers clear the vicinity as she appears somewhat unstable and this is an uncertain world.

Winter 2008 – writers’ strike means a whole lot of silence on the film front. If there’s one thing that drives Tish insane, it’s too much silence. All emotional stability disappears.

February 2008 – Director John Carney is interviewed in USA Today about rewriting the Town House script and says of his script “It’s blackly funny but hopefully quite poignant as well.” Tish’s name is mentioned and Tish realizes John Carney must know her name. This thrills her to no end.

August 2008 – Director John Carney’s script is in!

September 2008 – Script out to potential “Jack Madigans.” Do you have an opinion about who could play the Town House lead?

Late October, 2009, rumors swirl that The Hangover’s Zach Galifiniakis and Amy Adams are in talks to play the lead roles.

November 2009, Tish gets her hands on the new Town House script written by director John Carney. In a word: perfection.