Inside Out Girl


Rachel Berman is extra careful about everything. As the overprotective single mother of two, she is acutely aware of the statistical dangers lurking around every corner – which makes her snap decision to aid a stranded motorist wholly uncharacteristic. Leonard Bean is stuck on the shoulder with Olivia, his rodent-obsessed, relentlessly curious, learning disabled ten-year-old daughter. To the chagrin of Rachel’s children, who are loath to be linked to the most mocked girl in school, Rachel and Len begin dating. And it looks like they just might find their own unique version of happily ever after.

But the world refuses to be predictable. When Len receives terrible news, it profoundly alters Rachel’s relationship with a very wild, very special little girl and brings up a dark mystery from the past, giving Rachel a new appreciation for her own children’s unpredictable lives. Only Olivia, an unlikely hero in inside-out pajamas, can bring these mismatched souls together into the most unpredictable thing of all: a family.

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